since i lived here for 6 mos. last year, it has been a pretty smooth transition moving back. this town is ideal for language learning…not too crowded, and easy to get around. just about anything i would ever need can be found in one of the little shops in town.

my house is within a mile of the language school. the perfect place for me! it has the feel of an efficiency, with just enough space. last week my national roommate moved in. she has already been such a blessing. so, now my neighbors can no longer ask me why i am living alone (they rarely do anything by themselves here, and so for the first few weeks i had them puzzled.)

thanks for your prayers as i settle in and build relationships here!

view of the front of my house
view of the front of my house
living/dining room. kitchen is behind the wall
living/dining room. kitchen is behind the wall
my resting place:)
my new roomie, Yuli
my new roomie, Yuli

spending a week in the big city waiting for my visa to be processed, unpacking and setting up my new house, headaches from trying to carry on conversations in another language, a 13-hour hike with friends, running errands with my language tutor on the back of her scooter, deciding on a house helper, meeting new neighbors and visiting former ones, looking for a bike with a basket, bargaining for a bike with a basket, getting into the habit of typing out text messages instead of calling people, waiting 3 weeks for internet, searching for a roommate, finding a roommate, reviewing language books….

are just a few of the things i’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

it’s been good to have time to get settled in before starting language school on monday. things just take more time here, and i am learning that is okay to just mark one or two things off my list each day.

but i’m really excited to be back and looking forward to the days ahead…


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